Welcome to our family. Thank you for looking around our website.We are so grateful to our supporters and sponsors. There is something special going on here at Hope House, and we invite you to discover it.

Hope House in the Philippines, building a network for good

We are Hope House in the Philippines since 2009
  • The children are born into urban slum poverty
  • Many of the parents do not have much education, they have little or no English. 
  • They are not teaching their children the Bible or attending church. 
  • The parents can only make very little money because of lack of education. The salaries here are very low. 
  • Children dont have enough support with their school needs. 
  • The problems here are like anywhere else but the poverty amplifies the problems 
  • Parents on drugs or alcohol
  • Parents broken up 
  • Both parents abandon child 
  • Parents are dead 
  • Parents in prison 
  • Parents with no spiritual life. 


The parents also sell their own children into sex slavery 

street childen 

Hope House reaches in where most churches wont get involved. We reach into the urban poverty zones and we get involved. 

Hope House saving the street and slum children of the Philippines since 2010

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Hope House has joined with YWAM in the Philippines to the glory of God 


YWAM asked us to join them and we are excited as we move forward together 

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We are now working with Philippines National Police – Women and Children Protection Center 


Karen Rowan God is doing great things there at Hope House!!  I was there 10 days in September 2019 
Karen Rowan
3 hrs · 
Yesterday at the Christmas lunch here was fun but also serious when I showed the pictures of my trip to Hope House in the Philippines. I cried when I told them about the little girl who shared with me about being trafficked. My heart breaks over this because it breaks God’s heart. How can we sit idly by and do nothing while this is going on? I know it is going on everywhere, but what are we doing about it? We can cry but if we are not DOING something to help, what good is that? Let’s help, folks!! We can support places that are working to destroy sex trafficking, or we can be on the front lines and be a worker alongside others who know how to help. If your heart is being stirred by this, please DO SOMETHING!! 
You can donate to Hope House by this link 

I visited David at Hope House in Cebu a little over a year ago. There is nothing phony about this work. It is a work of love, for God’s created beings, that have very little. He gives them food, a path to Jesus, and hope in this neighborhood of brutal poverty. It is in a dangerous setting that I am not sure I would have the guts to do what David is doing. I work with over 50 congregations on 7 islands in the Philippines and there is never enough funds to meet the needs of God’s people… Duane Cogburn.




Street and Urban slum children


Faith Community and Culture

Thank you for taking the time to have a look around our ministry here. This ministry started in 2009 and our support has come from kind people on Facebook. Our ministry works to close the gap that exist between the children living in the lowest poverty here and those that have had better opportunities. It is about connecting. We are a Hope-Link for the street and slum children living here. 

I think you call him Tito David.this is MIRACULOUS proof that Tito and the rest of you have nerves of steel for going toe-to-toe with all manner of demons EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and winning.WOW.
Keep the faith and stay the course brothers and sisters.you are fully aware of how important your work is. Glenn Ruebush.

I still keep up with him and we have contact . It’s amazing to see how the little ones have grown up to be young men and women and thanks to David they were able to grow up and have a life and education and church . I can’t imagine struggling in those slums and this ministry has made such a big difference in that area over the years.❤️

Rebecca donated $100·22 hr

Observed over last 2 years the amazing Kingdom building this man of God is doing for these children in Cebu!!! Continuously bless David Wilkorson Father God as he lives out your command to us to go into the hedges and highways and compel them to come… In Jesus’ Name.


I am very thankful that God sent Tito David to my country and for helping me. I graduated high school and am in college and working. I woke up one day here with Jesus in my heart. Tito David also helped build a house for me after our house burned down in the fire here. .



I am so thankful to God for helping me. I graduated high school. Tito David also built me a house.  We also learned bible and praise Jesus I am saved.

Shaina Mae

Shaina Mae.  Without Hope House I dont know where I would be today. I am in high school and honor student. Thank you to God Jesus 

Edelle Grace

I am one of the original Hope house girls from 2010. I was raised by my grandmother who passed before I finished high school. Tito David paid for all my schooling and much more. I am so very grateful. 

Bj DeCoeur 

I LOVE this website! Just viewed everything on it. Thank you “Tito Dave” as the children call you, they call me Tita BJ. Thank you for taking such good care if Kyle and for all the pictures you send to me showing me how much he is growing! I love you David Wilkerson, you are my Hero in Christ!!!

I’ve thanked God many times for the work of the Kingdom of Heaven that’s taking place there. And for those who put their own lives on the line to rescue them. I’ve asked God to enlarge your territory and for the Angels of the Lord to protect you all as you go. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that this ministry HOPE HOUSE are the Hands and Feet of our Savior Jesus Christ! I know with my entire being and the spirit of God in me that the fruit of your labors will be huge. I know there’s so much more coming! I absolutely love what is happening. I know God appreciates your obedience and compassion for the street children and the people in that area! You’ve answered the call so therefore He has made you one of His chosen(chosen to be a living sacrifice and an avenue of His Glory and Power)!.