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As I predicted child sex trafficking has soared after travel has resumed after covid

November 2022  We go after an active foreign pedo phile  at this posting charges are soon to be filed. 

Tito David takes 6 victims to the police to make statements 

with some of the victims 

outstanding job 

The police take Tito David to gather up 8 victims 

Minor girls are trafficked because of lack of parents. The parents are drug addicted, broken homes, stepfathers. There is alcoholism, very little education.  The regular jobs are low salary, and for those with less education the salaries are even less. Some refuse to work much. Some parents even sell their own children for money. Parents are deceased, or in prison, usually on drug charges. There is abuse in the home. Girls run away and get entangled in trafficking. The girls dont have the emotional and spiritual support they need in addition to the basic needs of a person. The solution to this is simple. If we will step up and reach in and help them, and support them and guide them, We can stop a high percentage of child trafficking. The only question is will we do it?? 

Children are trafficked

  • when they are isolated from the community at large that is functioning and inter-connected.
  • The parents are not protecting their children and are making them vulnerable and some are also trafficking their own children.
  • The parents are not educated.
  • One or both parents are simply not there because of death, abandonment, addictions or other. 
  • The surrounding community looks the other way and does not want to get involved. 

Your father goes to prison for drugs, your mother is also on drugs and there are several siblings. You are the oldest one. Your mother makes a deal with a mamason and you are trafficked. The mamason pays your mother. You get 2,00 dollars. You don’t know what to do, your are afraid, it was painful. You are very loyal to your mother and you don’t report it, plus you are afraid of where the authorities will put you and your siblings. You soon are on drugs and you are 12 years old. The mamson has you meeting foreign men at hotels. You start spending more time away from home which is a bamboo and tin hot shack. You get corrupted in the mind and believe this is your life now, its okay… get the money

There are two different scenarios where young girls leave home and end up being trafficked.
The first case is when the girl is rebellious, wants to party with her friends and etc, and runs away. These situations are easier than the second case below. If the girl is restored, she will make the choice to go back home. Generally speaking its quite a bit easier because they do have a home to go to, and the chances are good that the good times they left for have gone away, and they have fallen far. The pain of life has become great.
The second case is when there are some really bad things happening in the home, Drugs, spouse cheating, violence, death of parent or parent(s) in prison. boyfriends of mom abusing the daughters. Mothers or other relatives will actually sell their own children.


Trafficked at age 14, when her father died. She has a lot of pain in her eyes when I have spoken to her. She is in the process of escaping trafficking. She needs your prayers. The main pressure on these young girls is the lack of food and needs. They feel pressure to help their younger siblings often, and their mothers etc. Traffickers EXPLOIT their situation and take advantage of them making money in the process. They need support to transition out of trafficking..

her father was gunned down, You go to live with an aunt. The aunt has you working all the time, doing dishing, washing clothes by hand. and babysitting younger children. Your aunt tells you to drop out of school so you can stay home and babysit and work. Your aunt has a boyfriend and he is doing drugs, and your aunt beats on you and yells at you. You are very young, almost 13. You run away from home and stay with friends. You start smoking pot and drinking. When you are high and drunk, you are molested. You find yourself very hungry and there is no food for you. A taxi driver offers you 500 pesos for a sexual act. You take the money and after you feel bad. But now you have money and you go eat. The taxi driver has passed on who you are to a mamason. The mamason shows up and treats you very well. You become close. She is the mother you never had. The mamason manipulates you into trafficking.

From Cathy M 
David, I stand amazed at what you just did for those girls. I can’t imagine going through what they have been through and then to be rescued. I pray for hosts of angels to surround you. Jim and I discussed it and we are going to increase our donation to $220 to Hope House. I have watched you throughout this past decade and I see your ❤️! I know you are the real deal. God bless you and your family and all of the Hope House family!

Your father runs off with another woman far away, and you are left with your mother and several siblings. Your mother gets a boyfriend and he starts trying to molest you. You complain to your mother who gets mad at you for lying. The situation goes downhill and you run away from home. You end up being trafficked and your traffickers make sure you get on drugs. In short time you are dis-oriented, and you just survive. You are angry at your mother, and angry at your father. You are too young and ignorant to have any idea how to get out… For you there at home, YOU are their only chance.

You grew up on the street, your parents were always homeless. Your father worked some odd jobs for small money and was drunk everytime he had any money. Your mother has mental problems and doesn’t do much of anything. You have not been in school for years. You start wandering around begging money at the windows of cars. Sometimes the police run you away. You cant get into a Mcdonalds even if you had the money, the security guard will chase you away. You can’t get into malls. You are somewhat known as a street child. Even if they don’t know, they know by looking at you, how you are and your clothes. You end up taking money for a sexual act so you can eat






13 year old girl who had been trafficked by a drug lord.  It is because of the relationships we establish among the poor that we learn of these trafficking situations. .

recent trafficking rescue, she said in Wed bible she is suicidal. They prayed for her. We are also feeding her. Will you take time to pray for her? This is a critical time because if they are not grounded in our group enough, they will return to their abusers.

The Philippines is a major hub of the billion-dollar global child cybersex industry due to its widespread poverty and legal loopholes.

The Philippines Justice Department secretary Leila de Lima last year said online child abuse was the leading cyber-related crime in the Philippines. Secretary de Lima was later jailed. She claims she was jailed for speaking against the govt. 

In another  case that we were involved in, and still helping the girls to this day, a 10 and 13 year old girl had been trafficked to a Canadian man visiting here. It is because of the relationships we establish among the poor that we learn of these trafficking situations. The man was lured in by adults on Facebook who use Facebook to troll for men interested in pedosex and pedo cam shows. 

 The only effective way to fight trafficking is to understand the full scope of what is going on. Girls are exploited when they are in a state of vulnerability brought on by many factors. REDUCE AND REMOVE THE VULNERABILITY AND you will reduce and remove trafficking in significant numbers … 

as came out in one of the videos today that I will post soon, the girls talked about eating out of the trash. These are true stories which i have been sharing for over 10 years. These girls allow themselves to be trafficked because of desperate poverty. Its very simple to pull many out of trafficking and that is to simply supply the basic needs they have and then do that until they can grow into a much more stable place. That takes time. Most of the girls who are trafficked do not have parents for one reason or another. That is another thing I have been sharing over 10 years. We have an incredible opportunity to save them if we will simply do it. Lets save 1000 trafficked girls. We can.

Hope House in the Philippines
Due to high Internet connectivity, an increasing number of children have been coerced into performing sexual acts in front of webcams or mobile phones. These acts are broadcast live to sexual predators around the world. One ‘sex show’ can cost USD 20 to USD 150 It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of children being exploited and abused in cybersex dens across the Philippines. According to the UN and FBI, at any given time there are 750,000 predators online.
Victims are trafficked from and to Manila, Cebu and Mindanao.
Usually family members (parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.), neighbours or family friends recruit children. Often parents believe that because paedophiles are not actually touching their children that it is not real abuse.

Trafficked at 10 years old 

“I was in Cebu Philippines in January helping Hope house Christian org. Hope house rescued 5 young girls from sex traffickers”

Grace Nolasco

Frederick Parkinson 

Almost a Slave
Jeff Trotter, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry
14-year-old Liza Reyes has more to smile about these days
Like the rest of the smiling children who sang praise songs with us that afternoon, Liza also tried to smile. But her labored attempts didn’t fool us. Liza couldn’t hide the tortured look in her eyes, nor the conflict of emotion that showed on her face. Something was deeply troubling her.
That first encounter with Liza occurred during my April 2013 trip to the Philippines. I was visiting Hope House Cebu, a ministry with which Heaven’s Family has partnered to help protect vulnerable and neglected children who live in the slums of Cebu City. Many children are trafficked from that “source” city, and the sex tourism industry thrives there. Worse, internet web cams are being employed to deliver Cebu’s exploitation of children to a perverse international clientele via their home computer screens (to read a recent story about children rescued from such activities in Cebu, see
During that visit, David Wilkerson, the director of Hope House, told me the likely reason for Liza’s tortured expression: her mother’s live-in boyfriend sexually abused Liza when she was 8 years old until he left almost three years later. Her mother knew of the abuse but did nothing to protect her.
David and his staff met Liza when she was 11, soon after her mother’s boyfriend left their slum shanty house. They found a sponsor for her, enabling her to attend school for the first time in her life. She also began learning about Jesus in Bible studies and at church, and she joined in other healthy activities with the kids who frequented Hope House after school. Although many children at the center come from homes of abuse and neglect, no one there knew about Liza’s painful past.
Then, when Liza was 12, David learned that her mother was about to take her to a wealthy man in Manila to be employed as a domestic helper, a job that often includes sexual abuse. But David’s team intervened, and with the support of her new family at Hope House, Liza moved in with her grandmother.
Liza wept as she struggled to tell her testimony in church
When I returned to the Philippines in January of this year I was again blessed to see Liza, now 14. I was also privileged to watch her tearfully share her testimony in church. She is learning to deal with the wounds from her childhood, and she knows that she was narrowly rescued from a future of sexual slavery. Her smile is real. Even better, Liza has given her heart to Jesus and received baptism last year.
Liza is one of many who have been saved because of the ministry of Hope House in the Philippines.
The real story… how to stop child trafficking
I have seen various Go Fund Me accounts and websites where people or groups make the claim they are fighting child sex trafficking. Some seem to only say they are promoting awareness, Ive seen campaigns to raise money to make a video about it or publish a book. Im sure all these people are well meaning, but really this is not effective.

Im not here to raise awareness that child trafficking is happening. I am here to tell you exactly how it is happening and exactly how to combat it.

Filipino Children are being exploited in porn videos sold on the Dark Net. The children come from poverty areas. They are also being shown in live streaming cam shows by the parents or others. 

The prices paid by foreigners are much higher than the locals pay. A foreigner will be charged from 100-400 dollars for one night with a child, or for several hours. The child being trafficked will get about 10% of the money with the rest going to the trafficker. The trafficker will also pay off the guardian or parent if needed, but will usually take at least half the money. The locals pay around 20.00 for the same services. 20.00 is 1000 pesos and the average daily wage here for many jobs is around 300 pesos. They may pay less. One trafficking appointment will make three times the daily working wage. 100 dollars is 5,000 pesos or 16 times the daily wage. One foreigner can come and pay for several girls from one trafficker over the period of a week or two weeks and spend 1,500 dollars or more. That is 75,000 pesos or as much as one working Filipino will make in 6 months to one year. On top of the money will be dinners, and extra shopping, and gifts such as cell phones, and trips to other islands. They will get a foreigner to take them to visit relatives and buy food for the whole family. The adult Filipino woman will accompany the foreigner to a hotel or get one of her friends to do it. They will check in with the foreigner claiming to be a wife or fiance and the children are hers or her relatives..

One sickening trend in child porn is called “Hurt Core” this is where children as young as toddlers are raped on video and cry in pain.

trafficked girls killed on video … its real 

Foreigners pay for cam shows of young girls dancing and doing sexual acts and they also pay for cam shows of various sexual acts between two or more minors.  These shows happen even on Facebook. A lot of trafficking communication is done over Facebook. 

pedo mom selling her own daughter on cam 


As the girls get older they migrate to the many bikini bars of Cebu, Manila , Angeles city and also travel to work in nightclubs in other countries where they work as dancers and prostititutes. In the Philippines the girls are “barfined” which means the customer pays the bar a fee to take the girl out with him. He negotiates the sex separately with the girl. These girls come from poverty. 

Our youngest trafficking victim was 7 years old when she was trafficked. 

 While the bigger hotels are alert to trafficking and telling people they are refusing to check them into a room, there are still local hotels and pension houses that are turning the other way. They are getting kickbacks or overcharging for rooms. They can turn it into a business and social affair, or it can be just strictly business. I have found that they make it more than a cold business transaction, with friendliness, hospitality and create this friendly experience for the foreigner and even adding them to their Facebooks and continuing the social chatting after the foreigner has gone home. The foreigner has friends in the Philippines, only one problem, child sex is going with it.

Remove the vulnerability, and you STOP CHILD PORN AND CHILD TRAFFICKING… It is just that simple… The ONLY QUESTION remaining is will you and I step up and stop it? 
Im not here to raise awareness that child trafficking is happening. I am here to tell you exactly how it is happening and exactly how to combat it.

The solution to the trafficking of children who live in the worst poverty is growing relationships, friendships, alliances through the merciful giving that we do, and the constructive giving that we do that lifts the children up and gives them hope. We also bring the children into church, singing, prayer, bible reading and positive group meetings where we inform about educational opportunities and talk about life in general. We conduct our GAP school. 

Trafficking Of Women And Children

Judge Nimfa Cuesta Vilches, ExpertLaw Library, January, 2004

[accessed 12 February 2018]

A girl child in the Philippines is discriminated upon early in life due to culture-based and family reinforced gender biases. For instance, despite her special nutritional needs in preparation as future mother and nurturer, the girl child is allotted less food than her father and her brothers. When money for education is scarce, her brothers are given the preference.

The Filipino girl child takes the stereotyped role of her mother who is portrayed as an abused and submissive woman relegated to domestic work. Moreover, the public considers girls and women as sex objects and typifies them as club/bar entertainers, beauty pageant contestants, and racy or pornographic film stars.

The pejorative expectations that Filipino society has on women and children are compounded by problems of extreme poverty; massive labor export; globalization; porous borders; aggressive tourism campaigns; negative portrayal of women by mass media; pornography on-line and internet chat-rooms; the practice of mail-order brides; inter-country adoption; and joint military exercises in the country with visiting forces from abroad. These factors cause women to become easy victims of sex-trafficking and other forms of sexual exploitation either in the Philippines or in countries of destination. 

We see and hear a lot more about trafficking these days. It has a much longer history in SE Asia. What I have done is study the trafficking problem so that we can effectively combat it. Child trafficking does not happen for no apparent reason. There are specific conditions that are present when children are trafficked. You will recognize what I am saying is true. Its just common sense.

Children are trafficked

  • when they are isolated from the community at large that is functioning and inter-connected.
  • The parents are not protecting their children and are making them vulnerable and some are also trafficking their own children.
  • The parents are not educated.
  • One or both parents are simply not there because of death, abandonment, addictions or other. 
  • The surrounding community looks the other way and does not want to get involved. 

Where we live society at large has simply ignored the problem. There has been an increase in foreigners arrested for trafficking, but this is because of financial incentives to do so.  What we are doing is reaching in and making contact, making relationships with the children, youth and parents of those who are at risk to be trafficked. We work to plug them into education, into community, and into a faith based group, which is also a community. 

To be functioning in school, to be present, to be public, to be able to communicate, and be part of a peer group that does not have the risk factors, these are the critical things needed to prevent trafficking.

The children and youth by themselves as individuals can greatly diminish child trafficking. They can do it by resisting and reporting. That is not simple for children who are not in school, and are not connected. We educate, we support, we connect. We empower them to resist and report.

Myths about trafficking 

I see from postings there is some myth out there about trafficking. While there are cases where girls are kidnapped , and drugged and held against their will, this would be a small fraction of trafficking. Understand that severe poverty distorts their world. Children and young girls are trafficked by being lured into it with temptation for money, promises of things, and also there can be pressure from the mothers themselves, or aunts, or guardians if the parents are not in the picture. The sad thing is the girls get little of the money. The local pays 1000 pesos or 20 dollars, and 100 pesos goes to the girl, 400 to the guardian/mother and 500 to the trafficker… or if its a foreigner it might be something like 100 dollars and 10 dollars goes to the girl. They get the girls very young, I’ve seen 10 years old, but 12 years old is very common. The girls ARE NOT IN SCHOOL. They are NOT CONNECTED to a church, to a family that cares, to what I call Community on my website.

They are ignorant and vulnerable and very poor. They feel pressured to bring in money for the family even at a young age, because many parents brainwash their children that they should go to college to go overseas to take care of the family, or drop out of school and work to help, or even prostitute to bring in money. I have seen this many countless times where the child or young adult carries this burden of responsibility for the parents or guardians.. This mental state, I don’t have to tell you is wrong and its just sick… yet it prevails.

The children and youth are trafficked because they are vulnerable on several levels. They are not kidnapped, or “forced” as we may imagine. They are manipulated into it . They are in common language “turned out” and that becomes their life. There are many tens of thousands of children and young people in prostitution here. Some we have helped and tried to get on a good path in life have gone back out to prostitute. These are very sad things for me to see. Some catch ahold of what we are saying and helping them, and they try. they get in school and try to stay in. They may fail, and we catch them and get them back in school. They have needs in all areas of life and they need us and they need God. We can save many, and many we cant save. I think we have to try. Thank you for reading this.

I wanted to talk about trafficking in general so that you would gain more understanding about it. While there are cases where girls go overseas for employment or Manila, or Singapore and even Japan, and they are trapped and held against their will, this is not the trafficking we are dealing with, and it does not represent the majority of trafficking. In the majority of trafficking the girl is agreeing to being a prostitute. This comes about because of a number of factors or reasons. The girls come from very extreme poverty, with the parents having what amounts to no education, and they do not speak English. Girls also come from the provinces, coming to the urban centers to earn money for the family. The girl falls behind in school early because of lack of care and involvement of the parent(s) or guardians. Some children have no parents because the parents simply walked off and left them with the grandparents or relative, or the parents died. Parents die from drug related murders and also suicide, and people die here from treatable disease because they can’t afford the medical care they need. In every case of trafficking I have seen the girl was not in school when she was trafficked

Many girls get funneled into the bikini bars and go to Manila and Angeles City, Singapore, and other places. Once girls are in those bars, there is little we can do. These bars are run by Asian mafia, Korean mafia and other mafia. They play for keeps. In time when we are much stronger, there are some things we can do. Girls are raised here and sexualized at very young ages and taught that being sexual objects will support the family. I see so many websites, and Go fund me campaigns and etc by people who may be good intentioned who are clueless about trafficking and how to truly help. They do not want to do what it takes, and that is get into the slums, and meet the people, get to know them and form the kind of relationships that will bring the girls out. You can’t tackle this problem any other way. All the books, videos, churches and whatever are totally useless. People also use this problem to raise money, like many religious frauds, orphan frauds and so forth. Anyone can take some photos somewhere, but how many show day in and day out of years of ministry? A few photos does not cut it.

Since 2010, we have daily shown our activities and what we are doing on Facebook 

TACLOBAN CITY — After super typhoon Yolanda swept away her home in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, 14-year-old Noemi was forced to beg for food. Her family lost everything, and had nowhere to go.

So off she went to Tacloban with a relative to find work as a domestic helper. “I had nowhere to go and I didn’t know what to do except to beg at the jetty port in my hometown so I decided to go with my aunt.”

But Noemi ended up working as a waitress cum entertainer in a small sing-along bar on the fringes of Tacloban, which was also reeling from the impact of the powerful typhoon.

“My small salary has forced me to surrender to sexual propositions made by some customers in the bar,” she said.

Noemi’s story has become commonplace. Since Yolanda, also known by its international name Haiyan, hit Eastern Visayas in November last year, hundreds of boys and girls have reportedly been smuggled out of their hometowns to Tacloban, Cebu and even Manila by traffickers out to exploit the situation.


David M Wilkerson

1 min ·

I talked with a 13 year old girl Sunday who is in prostitution. She denied it, but under the pressure of a 17 year old girl with me, she admitted it. I don’t know the percentages, but foreigners are not comprising the majority of the customers, even though they get all the media. The girl is reasonably pretty and I don’t know what she can do if she applies herself. It also for me doesn’t really matter about age, because I don’t see that much difference if they are 18. Why is something magically okay when they are 18? There will always be girls and boys, women and men who choose to prostitute, what my issue is, when poverty and the environment of poverty have a big influence on those decisions. When I say poverty, I am saying, lack of access to education, parents with no education, a very low income, no connection to functioning people. What I am all about is access and connection. We are a hope-link to God and to community. I will fight to my dying breath for the children of the poor here.

When I started Hope House, I was aware that Cebu was known as a trafficking hotspot. We worked in one area and did not branch out much beyond that. I knew that we were preventing trafficking, but we had not yet at that time actually dealt with underage girls who had been trafficked. I would like to stop here and say that age should not matter when we approach this topic. Girls trafficked at age 18 is just as bad as girls trafficked younger. Its a bad scene all the way around. What happened with us, is that we did branch out our ministry into some tougher slum areas and some of the girls who had been coming to church opened up to us and began talking. This took our ministry to another level of involvement. We heard stories of mothers trafficking their own children, and sexual abuse by live in partners, step fathers, and other relatives. We learned of the involvement of taxi drivers in this trade. We took some actions on behalf of the girls and my life was threatened. As to the numbers of girls we minister to who have been trafficked, this number has remained fairly the same, but I see us taking action again to bring more in the near future, it will be this year for sure.

The same techniques we use to fight child trafficking also work against child porn. 

Joan Richards 

Hello David, I want you to know every Thursday night on our prayer line, we pray specifically for your ministry and for every young lady entrust in your care, what you are doing for these girls words cannot explain, how much the help and prayers are much needed. Some people may not like what I am about to say, but I care less how their understand my statement! The church,( body of Christ) in the western world, will consider dogs, and cats more than human beings, for example: in one household in America a $1000 or more is spent on a dog, between food, grooming, walks etc, rather than a homeless hungry child. In my community, not mentioning the name, because I am a member of the homeless coalition, every month I go to those meetings it’s sad and shameful to hear, the rising amount of school age Children, sleeping in the parks. Not even mentioning the veterans and the drug addicts. Who cares? people like you and me care! and we are doing something about it. You are putting your life online for a cause, a godly and worthy cause. I applaud you David for your passion and compassion for these young girls, don’t ever get weary in doing well because in due season God will reward you openly. Jesus cares and loves those Children, more than you can ever imagine, He will raise sustainers to help you both prayerfully and financially, (me first,) please send me the information where I can donate. You are a classic example of Isaiah 58:6-7, which also is our ministry, dealing with the mentally ill, the homeless, drug addictions those who are oppressed and depressed by the devil. So I am in total agreement with your calling. But I say all that to say this, I learn not to depend or rely on FB for our ministry, I shared the ministry of God, His vision, and purpose for, many of His very own Children who are bound up in demonic slavery, and have asked for help to expand the ministry, so we can help more people, come out of bondage, not one person is willing to help. And that’s ok. Until it hits home, then there call with tears in their eyes for prayers. I am not looking for a tap on my shoulders or any reward from man, but I know those who do the will of our Father are the ones who wants to bring Glory and honor to His Son Jesus. So the man of God be courageous and faithfully in your calling. And as of today, I pray that God our Father will send all the help you need, Favor in the marketplace, Favor in the Governmental system, Favor in the private sectors, Favour is your title, God has heard your cry and He is attending to your cry and supplication. So I say thank you, Lord,, greater works you have done and greater works you will do in you and through you in Jesus name I pray Amen & Amen. please let me know how I can help you, and where I can donate! Thank You. God bless you. For people who love their animals, please don’t take me wrong, I love animals too. but I was just trying to make a point, so please take no personal offence.