Street and Urban Slum Children

Children drop out of school here because of lack of support at home, which includes not having the money for lunch, school projects and etc. When the children drop out of school, they can not re-enter school until the following June. This allows the child to fall behind, and making it even harder for them to succeed. Children are at a much greater risk to be trafficked when they are not in school. This time out of school is the critical GAP where children are lost. They drop out because of lack of support that they need. 

We go out and feed children who are living on the streets and we feed in the poverty areas. We also have various outreaches where we take music, speakers and sing and dance. We have bible reading and also preaching. Over time we get to know many of the children and also some of the parents. We work at forming relationships with them. We invite them to our church and bible times. We will also take smaller groups of children out for pizza or other food. We learn who is not in school and what do they need to get in school.

I know where the money goes and thats why I am a permanent supporters Doug H 

Street Children

Marjorie and Eliza, saved at Hope House.
Clair saved at Hope House 
Jonica saved at Hope House 
Angelica was saved at Hope House
Ralph M. Wells Amen David; and, let your supporters know that the average child in a poor family has to quit school after 3rd grade and go to work to help support the family.

Carl Henderson. ( Carl was here several years )
Let me confirm the truth of your comments. I have seen so many missionaries come to the Philippines and say they were there for 3-years or one year and one couple even said they were staying for life and they were all gone in less than 1 1/2 years and two couples were gone after just 6-months,… And none of them had hard slum ministries in the squatter areas like you do,… You are living with the people which is very hard physically and emotionally. I would do that for a few weeks or a month at a time and I always went home sick and needed a couple of weeks to recover from the dehydration, fatigue, rashes, colds, asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia, etc,.. Several times I ended up in the hospital and I am an old soldier used to hard living in Africa and the heat of the southwest border of the USA. Most people can not even stand the stench, flies, cockroaches everywhere, let alone the tasteless food (tasteless by American standards), or the giant rats, mosquitos, air pollution, stifling, unrelenting, sweltering heat and humidity. I would soak three or four shirts a day in sweat if I could change them but mostly I wore one soaking wet shirt all day long and carried a sweat towel, to wipe sweat from my face… As I said, the stench and the heat have most people grossed out and exhausted in less than three days. Even our Filipino missionaries who came from other places in the Philippines were shocked at life and the conditions in the slum and squatter areas,… You have my respect David M Wilkerson!


when the children walk around, in your video’s , it’s so sad some look like little zombies until you get a hold of them feed them with food and Jesus , They actually change right before your eyes. You see them at church, singing,praising the Lord,it’s so awesome. Thank you Dave for not stopping or giving up

Carl Henderson

This happened at a school near our house, as the school was letting out, they kidnapped 5 school children, put them in a van, and one girl got away by wrapping her arms and legs around a telephone pole to hold on while the “Napers” carried off 3 girls and two boys, but they couldn’t pry her loose quick enough and the other children present ran away…. Finally, they jumped in the van and disappeared. Nothing was ever heard about it again,… It happened in the country/ provinces where we lived. It happened in broad daylight at about 3pm in the afternoon. They were known (to the Police) as organ stealers. This happened not 400 yards from our house so we never let our youngest son out by himself,… We kept him behind locked gates at home. I thought it was trafficking but they took boys and girls and the Police seemed to know who it was,… Everyone was alarmed for about a month but soon the kids were walking to and from school again without parental escorts,… People wouldn’t believe what happens in the Philippines, which does not make the news and does not seem to alarm anyone,