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In a recent pedophile case  we found out quickly and were able to take action and have charges filed against him because he attempted to offer money to sponsored girls who informed us of his activities. 
so the more sponsored girls we have the wider our is our net of protection in the urban poverty slums.. 

It is quite profound actually that if we could sponsor enough girls, we could effectively shut down child sex trafficking in the poverty areas.. The reason the girls are trafficked is they dont have parents or not good parents, and even the parents sell the girls. So that is the critical breakdown.. 

It is now our goal to sponsor 1000 children in the poverty slums because the facts are clear, the evidence is clear. We have it in our power to drastically reduce child sex trafficking in the worst urban poverty slums in Cebu City. 


Just a few examples of sponsored children here. there are many more .

Jennilyn loves her Hope House family 

I grew up  in Cebu without my parents. My Auntie raised me. Hope House and Tito David supported me in School and also help my Auntie. Im very thankful to my sponsor and thanks to God. 

Hope House supported me in school since first grade.I am very thankful..  Clair Anne 

I am in college to become a doctor. Hope House has supported me for many years. Thank you Hope House… Ana Riza 

Hope House supported me in school since elementary school. I am now in college. I also work in ministry at Hope House  Joshua 

I am in High school. I have been in Hope House since grade school. Thank you for this opportunity to get an education.. Jhun Jhun 

I graduated college and I teach science at a private school. Im very thankful to God and to Hope House. 


I have been in Hope House since grade school. I work at Hope House and another job.  |Tala 

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Little Ronelin 

You are on our website, just click on the contact link and contact us about sponsoring 

Weekly cash assistance for school
Food and rice
Feeding program
Over the counter medicines
English as a second language classes
Bible classes
We are more excited than ever about our sponsoring program here at Hope House. We have been sponsoring children in Cebu City since April 2010.
We ask 35.00 a month to sponsor, or the same as one dollar a day
The sponsored children receive the support and tools they need to succeed and climb out of 3rd world poverty, and to turn and help others coming up behind them.
Crises intervention
Emergency safe housing
Trafficking protection
Birth certs and other paperwork so they can enroll
career and goal planning

Sarah Dennis
19 hrs ·

This is one of the children we sponsor through Hope House in the Philippines. The difference I’ve seen in Arjane in the time we’ve known her has been incredible, but these pictures show the stark contrast to when she first became known to Hope House, before we knew her, until now. I highly recommend sponsoring a child through them, or just donating, as they help many children without sponsors. It’s not just raising children out of poverty, but also keeping young girls out of trafficking.


The photos below show our long term relationships with the children from elementary school into adult hood 


Baby Cell 

Gina May .






Ronelin today 





Mak Mak 


When Armisolas son Joseph was sponsored, we got involved and we used money from general donations to get her and her son off the street where they were sleeping. We rented them a small place and continue to pay her rent monthly. 

Kim Huston 

Welcome to all our new members on this page and Happy New Year!

There is a real work of God happening at Hope House. Much more is happening that feeding the children!Many trafficked. Children are saved from horrific circumstances. Pulled out of the pit! It is real, boots on the ground ministry for God! Almost all the funds go to help the children.You can be a part of making this change in their lives! If you aren’t sponsoring a child, please consider doing so! Pray and ask Abba Father what you should do.Lives are being changed, hearts turned to Jesus! I have been a part of this ministry for several years and I love all four of my kids that I sponsor. I have been blessed so much watching the changes in their lives!If you want to sponsor a child, it is $35.00per month. But you can give any amount to the ministry. Remember the widows mite, Jesus said she gave more than all of the others. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive.

Hope House  is not just another soulless charity organization operating in the slums of Mambaling. Children that live in the most wretched poverty and danger are afforded safety, new clean clothes, rice for their families. Electricity bills are paid so that a shack can have lights and children that would not even be allowed in a fast food place are taken for ice cream and the little extras that we do not give a second thought to. They are treated like creations of inestimable value and not just generic “pagan babies” to assuage Western guilt. Hope House gets them off the streets and feeds them the gospel of Jesus Christ-the most valuable beauty and power in the universe. On the HHC site you can see frequent pictures of your “children” and form relationships….touch lives and do mercy you never thought possible. If Christ’s love constrains you to act in love……consider Hope House ……Glenn Fairman

Debbie Nowak 

Hope house kids TRULY have hope, not in the clothes and rice given to them but in Jesus Christ! David Wilkerson shares Jesus with these kids ALL THE TIME! I love to hear him talk about Jesus. He truly has a heart for the Lord and really loves these kids. He lives no extravagant life by any means. I have seen with my own two eyes. He truly cares for them and shares the love of Jesus with those around Him.