Public School Support


I worked here one year for third world wages and then Hope House Church began in April of 2010. In my years of experience here, I have come to understand that the most important focus of our ministry should be education.  Because of the poverty tens of thousands of children are not in school. When children are not in school, that is when they are at highest risk to be trafficked. In the past we identified children not in school and worked to get them in school, but now we have a dual approach. We still get children in public school but now we have also started our own Christian group home school to meet the critical need. I believe this will become the driving engine of our ministry and the piece that will make the most impact for God

Thank you Hope House and Tito David for supporting me in school for many years. I am in high school now and I will go to college. I am very thankful to God as I did not have a father to support me. 

Margaret Pena 

Thank you to Hope House for supporting me in School for many years and all the help you gave my family. Thank you for the food and for all. Thank you for teaching so many how to care about each other. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me.  

Robilyn Buenavista 

Thank you Tito David for all you did for us supporting us in school and also for helping our family re-build after the fire here. 

Angela Brondo 

Thank you Tito David and Hope House and all the supporters. I am in college and also holding a job in a professional company. You taught me to believe Tito, and never give up on your dreams. I am so proud that I was one of the original girls. I am also a Christian, and I am very thankful to Jesus for what he did for me.

Angelica Brondo

Public school support

We support children with a sponsor and also children who do not have sponsor in public school. We supply uniforms, backpacks, shoes and supplies and we help with school projects throughout the year. Access to education is a critical component of our vision here. There is much more involved than just outfitting them with what they need and supplying funds through out the school year. There are issues with food and nutrition, cramped and crowded living spaces with many siblings, no electric power, the epidemic of drug use and alcoholism and issues of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and a permeating culture of apathy, malaise, lack of direction, lack of purpose. An entire population of the poor forgotten for many decades.


We supply uniforms, backpacks, shoes, and all school supplies to start the school year, and we continue to support for various weekly school assignments, various fees, and also NSO and other documents that are needed. The initial start up cost for uniforms and supplies is 50.00 The sponsored children receive weekly cash assistance for the many various projects and assignments that they have. This assistance is scheduled to be picked up every Saturday. 

Hope House Gap School

We are growing our own school so that children will stay plugged in, even if they drop out of public school. We are equipped and prepared to meet the challenges of children who have not had the upbringing and support that other children have. While the public school may push them out, or not provide the extra attention they need, we are prepared to do that. After they grow in our school, they can re-enter public school. They can only enter public school once a year. They can also stay with us. Our school will grow into a fully accredited private school that is designed around the needs of the children of the urban poor and street children.

Some of the original Hope House children from 2010, have now graduated and are in college. With the help of God they beat incredible odds against them. They are stories of hope and inspiration for us all.