History IV

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2018- 2019


Jim Sicard visits us 


Joe Prusac visits us from Australia 

Joe Prusac ( posted on Joes Facebook) 
1 min · 
My name is Joe Prusac, I am 48 years old I am visiting HopeHouse Church from Australia.  
I have been following Hope House for some time and I had a dream when I was in my teens to do missionary work.. 
 I feel like I was sent by God to tell the true story of Hope House.  David is a true inspiration. He is selfless, caring and kind. What he has done and is doing is beyond human.
 I spoke to many people here and they love David, and the children love David. Everywhere David has taken me, children run up to him. They love David.  
 I don’t think he knows what he has done here and I dont think he knows how much he has affected people around the world. David also makes people laugh and has a tremendous ability to reach people through humor. I heard some of his story from the past, and I think I have met a man who was truly called by God, more than anyone I have met in my life. Both David and Ailene are pure souls. 
I also have seen David giving and he doesn’t photo it. There is a lot of giving going on here that nobody sees. There is also a lot of teaching going on here. 
The children are so happy here at Hope House and they feel safe here. Children are in fact being trafficked here and I have seen this for myself. David also puts himself at risk in places that he goes. People are being shot in those areas. This place is so important. It is needed. If God were not in this, David would have been gone a long time ago. Ive spoken to many children who are in school because of Hope House. I have spoken to young people in college who tell me they are in college because of David. 
 This is the work of God here. The children here need help .


Karen Rowan visits us in Sept. 201


Ailene on outreach 


2019 – 2020


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