History III



Glenn S.    I have been to Hope House twice and I support what they are doing. I met many of the children and they were happy with Hope House , as well as the adults. We went out feeding on outreach and it is a very eye opening experience. They need our help. 

Glen and his wife Ana Liz visit us from Dubai 
Frederick  and Grace  visited us not long ago and was accompanied by his friend Grace who is a nurse in Manila. They went with us visiting people in poverty areas. Frederick pointed out that we ourselves had been living very modestly in our rental place here, and commented on our rat and roach problem. Our house was flooded when they arrived and they stayed at the outreach center.

Frederick gave a wonderful sermon at our bible time, and several answered the call to receive Jesus. Grace was very kind and caring visiting the people who were sick in the slum areas. They both have a wonderful and caring attitude. Frederick and his fiancé Grace visited us earlier this year…  This was one of his posts about it:

“feeling rough only 12 hours sleep since Wednesday , but life could be worse ,am in slums in Cebu with a Christian ministry , walking to homes through flooded streets full of raw sewage , ,last night I was at home of david and Aileen who run the ministry they live very humbly in the slums also ,was in there home and rats run over your feet in the floor and the cockroaches I mistook for mice they were that big , seen big rat in the toilet this morning he ran off as I walked in ,and rats certainly must not came out to were I was trying to sleep on the floor with my very loud snoring for the few hours I slept will post picts next week will be an interesting day today as we do outreach and meet the people of the slums , “

“I was in Cebu Philippines in January helping Hope house Christian org. Hope house rescued 5 young girls from sex traffickers”

Grace Nolasco

Ministry is not a bed of roses..It was a great opportunity to worked at Hope House Cebu,living conditions are harsh here .but humbly we need to serve GOD.david and Aileen 0f hope house serve God in the most humble way.last night many adults and children gave there lives to GOd accepting Jesus as there saviour.praise to God.To God be all the glory…Please continue to pray for David and Aileen and thier ministry as they continue to reach out the lost.!!!
Frederick and Grace @ Hope House

 the ministry is worth every single penny , it all goes on the poorest and down trodden , and they get the message of salvation

returning from homeless night outreach 

At Hope Cafe, We operated that for several months serving food at the cafe as a business and also feeding the children at night from there. 


Every year the first week in June we supply all our children and youth uniforms, shoes, back packs and school supplies to start the school year 





Jeff has been here several times and his wife Karin  has also visited us 

We have been sending financial support to David since 2013.  David, the founder, felt the Lord leading him to actually live in the slums, with the goal of bringing the Kingdom of God to a very needy community. As a result, lives have been changed and, I truly believe, many children have been protected from the human traffickers who prowl neighborhoods like this in search of easy targets desperate to believe their lies about a better life.

This is really a no-frills, low-budget ministry that seeks to change lives through long-term relationships. David has gone through a lot of trials and missteps along the way, he’s quick to admit, but is learning and doing as best he can with the limited resources at his disposal. David, along with his wife Ailene, are truly living humbly—I know I couldn’t do what he does, apart from a miraculous outpouring of grace!

I’m having a great time interacting with the kids!