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Debbie Nowak visits

Debbie Nowak

19 hours ago via mobile The poverty here in Cebu is waaaay more than I ever imagined! David himself lives in a home that is nothing fancy that’s for sure. I visited a home today and asked the family “Where do you sleep?” They pointed to the bare plywood on the floor(family of 5 i believe) sleeping on a floor that’s @ 6 feet by 6 feet. David Wilkerson often times posts pictures of kids with new clothes and you don’t really get to see the poverty they live in those new clothes and food David provides TRULY gives them hope

posted it. This is a real ministry that I support, and I hope to be able to return. As I pack my bags on this early Tuesday morning here in the Philippines, it’s hard for me to believe the past 3 weeks are already over. As I head back to Japan, I’ll definitely have the kids and David’s ministry on my mind and prayers. I got to interview some of the mothers and kids as well about how this ministry has affected, and in many ways, changed their lives. God and the Gospel is moving in the Philippines. The poverty here is real, but not just physical needs, they have spiritual needs as well. David’s hope house for the kids provides that immensely in the spiritual darkness much of this place is in. Patrick continues to support us as of November 2018 Every year school starts the first week in June and we supply the Hope House children with uniforms, shoes, backpacks and supplies