Faith Community

As For Me and My House, We Will Serve The Lord

Children in extreme poverty are cut off from the world we take for granted. At Hope House we have created a community that accepts, supports, educates and lifts up these children. We are truly a Hope-Link 

We provide a faith community that builds up love for one another. We tell the good news of Jesus Christ. We encourage and facilitate bible reading. We impact the greater culture at large by caring for the children of the poor trapped in extreme urban slum poverty 

We currently teach Bible and English and are working at building up a school that will be fully accredited and certified. 

We feed the children daily at Hope House and larger feedings on the weekend

At this outreach we passed out over 1000 lbs of rice and fed 500 a meal. During these outreaches we identify those children who are most vulnerable to trafficking. We also find those children who are NOT in school. We work to bring them into our group and get them sponsors so that they can go to school.
The Early days in the old yard 

David’s ministry is all about the CHILDREN. I have not met him personally…but I’ve had countless conversations with David via messenger over the last 5 years and supported him and believe 100 % he’s doing what he says and shows he’s doing over Facebook.

Kathryn Bateman 

David you and your family and team are constantly in our prayers and I just want to say thank you to God for giving you this privilege of working with these precious children

Barbara Davies