Disaster Relief

We have had the opportunity to help in Major typhoons, earthquakes, mudslides, and slum fires. 

Trafficking after Yolanda 

TACLOBAN CITY – On the bed is where she could end it, she thought. She’s 16, he’s six months old.

Alyssa (not her real name) was sold for sex one night last year. On board a docked ship in Leyte, in a locked room, a Japanese repeatedly raped her. Her pimps paid her P200. She walked away with not a cent, with a baby.

A girl with many dreams, Alyssa is among the thousands of children abused and trafficked in the Philippines each year. Here in Leyte, she’s one among many others, and after Supertyphoon Yolanda, authorities fear there are countless, faceless more.

“There are unverified reports that more minors are now being trafficked, recruited to work in bars, and probably forced into prostitution in the entire region post-Yolanda,” said Asther Dadulla, regional focal person on recovery and reintegration program for trafficked persons of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Eastern Visayas.

Boats we built and repaired on Leyte after typhoon Yolanda 


We funded the building of tin and cocoa wood houses after the typhoon. They build the roof first. We helped to build 22 homes and 20 boats


Helping during slum fires .


Slum fires


Typhoon relief

Fishing boats we made on Leyte Island 

Replacing school supplies 

Building Houses

Naga landslide