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Our challenges have always been overwhelming, but I believe and know that the greatest days of this ministry lie ahead of us. 
We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh. So then death worketh in us, but life in you.

2 Corinthians 4

Most of our groups in Cebu City

The Children would never get the bible, and they would not be exposed to the Christ-Centered culture that we bring. We have been and are reaching in where churches won’t go. It is from these areas that children are trafficked  

The Hope House children of 2009-2010 are all grown up and many are succeeding.

I am rebuilding Hope House so that its image is the same as the vision God gave me. We will incorporate this new vision into proven ministry methods that have developed over our existence. I have always sought to imitate the first century church while using all the tools of our modern world. I am beyond excited as we step into this task that God has given us to do. It has been an amazing journey for me. I have been so very blessed to be a small part of Hope House. It is the mission of Jesus Christ.

Ministry News from Hope House/ Building a network for good 

Fatima converted from Islam

Praise in our Duljo group...
Mandaue city
South Alaska

Hope House In Manila

Betchi is doing a great job in Manila. When Covid restrictions lift, we will go and help Betchi for awhile., 

We support sponsored children in school. 

We work in the worst Urban poverty slums in the Philippines. We feed the children and we build a culture of faith. We identify and help underage trafficked girls. 

Trafficking Ministry

I chatted with her off and on all day… Shes out of trafficking and back in high school and recently graduated 10th grade. In her case she did have a good mother, and she is back home with her mother and older sister. Another amazing story of the Grace of God. We were able to rescue her and restore her life because of kind people like yourself on Facebook who care. It costs money to travel, and in the first months or longer to support them. It costs money to pay informants. It cost money to pay for other things. She told me today about Jesus and how she talked to God everyday. She reads her bible and is active in bible in one of our groups…. These are more than success stories, they are stories of redemption, salvation, of a life diverted from total destruction. I need your help. There are many thousands here who need us. Will you help me? Tell your church friends, anyone, your friends on Facebook… Get involved. We need to build up a lot more support so we can assault this terrible darkness in Manila. Thank you very much. She told me to thank you. She cried the first time I talked to her many months ago and she cried again today on video call. She said, ” thank you for saving my life”
Minor girls are trafficked because of lack of parents. The parents are drug addicted, broken homes, stepfathers. There is alcoholism, very little education.  The regular jobs are low salary, and for those with less education the salaries are even less. Some refuse to work much. Some parents even sell their own children for money. Parents are deceased, or in prison, usually on drug charges. There is abuse in the home. Girls run away and get entangled in trafficking. The girls dont have the emotional and spiritual support they need in addition to the basic needs of a person. The solution to this is simple. If we will step up and reach in and help them, and support them and guide them, We can stop a high percentage of child trafficking. The only question is will we do it??
Dolor went with me… The girl in photo was trafficked and she has done very well. In her case, she did have a good mother and she returned home. She is working and taking her modules.. modules are school at home during covid. I told Dolor, lets go treat that girl… and we took her to get her hair treated… and we bought her a Mcdonalds chicken and rice. She was very shy about so much attention. She deserves it… These are the kinds of things we have always done here… She is a miracle… and I am very happy about her. AND she is always talking about God and Jesus…
We are Hope House in the Philippines founded by David Wilkerson in 2009-2010. GUYS WE CAN SAVE THOUSANDS i AM ASKING YOU, EVEN BEGGING YOU TO LOOK AT WHAT WE ARE DOING HERE… IM ASKING YOU TO GET INVOLVED… We only need the guts to do it…. I may not have those guts, but im crazy enough to do it… Help me…

Hope House is a network of Christian servants and all those they serve in the Philippines. We are Hope House in the Philippines founded by David Wilkerson in 2009-2010

Dolor Mandaue City
Betchi Manila
Christine Talisay City
Lodilyn Cebu City
Dolor Mandaue City

Christine is feeling blessed with Wilkerson M David.


This is the revelation of GOD to me since the day I am turning my faith back to him..

I have encountered some backslides , it hardened my heart like a stone because of some discouragements in life. I felt so hopeless always like there’s no light in my life..And then the day came , I realize that I need God I am not control of everything happened ..

There’s always a missing part of my heart. There’s an empty space during i walked to this Land

And that’s the time I AM AGAIN RECONCILED to the Holy Father. I am submitting myself again to him. As my 2nd encounter of being a helpless christian I HAVE TO DECIDE TO TURN BACK TO GOD AND I NEED TO STICK WITH HIM AND DO HIS COMMAND..




Our teen disciples in Mandaue City
The children of 2010

The Children would never get the bible, and they would not be exposed to the Christ-Centered culture that we bring. We have been and are reaching in where churches won’t go. It is from these areas that children are trafficked

Amazing change and growth, saved and working on getting her teaching degree. God changes lives. One of the benefactors of a 3000 dollar gift towards education here.

Cebu City Southland Ministries and Talisay City

We have developed ministries In Alaska barangay, Pasil barangay Mamabaling 
We have groups in Jembasa, Isla Illegre, Tayod , Tabasca , Carbon, Colon and Duljo.. and others 
street and homeless ministry 
Talisay House church Hope House Strong
Mandaue City Hope House Strong
Guadalupe House Church Hope House Strong
The grocery stores love us

Jail Ministry

Xyza is growing in leadership in our Tabasca group

Mae is single mother and got back in school to finish her senior high school
The Compra family is leading in our Jembasa group
Kim graduates college
Chistine ministers to ex convict men and women and drug addicts.
The reason why I do this
Sponsors can send for special gifts

Sponsored Children

We supply many needs of the sponsored children. We also take from general donations to help them. We meet special needs that arise.  You can sponsor a child here. 

We are always feeding the children. You make that possible
We are growing leaders in all our areas
Recent baptisms
Baptisms in the street
More team leaders

Abby takes in unwanted babies 

Most of my boys got jobs in construction, here are some of them. They are some of the original Hope House children

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